What Is A NasoNeb Nasal Nebulizer?

What is a nebulizer, what is a nasal nebulizer

What Is A Nebulizer?

In general, a nebulizer is a machine that turns liquid solutions into fine mist droplets, typically by using oxygen, compressed air or ultrasonic power to create an aerosol mixture. Medically, a nebulizer is a treatment and medication delivery device used to administer medicated and non-medicated liquids (in the form of a fine aerosol mist) to an afflicted area within the respiratory system.

What Is A Nebulizer?

Types Of Nebulizers

When doctors, pharmacists, and patients talk about nebulizers, they typically do so in relation to a form of asthma treatment. Often referred to as "albuterol nebulizers," the most common type is the jet nebulizer (sometimes called an atomizer). These machines use compressed air/oxygen to turn liquid medications and treatments into a fine mist, which is then delivered through a mouthpiece or face mask, and inhaled into the lungs.

"Albuterol nebulizers" work by delivering medication to affected areas in the lungs, relaxing the airways and providing symptom relief in asthma sufferers. These devices are also commonly used in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (or COPD) and cystic fibrosis (or CF).

What Is A Nasal Nebulizer?

Another type of nebulizer device, commonly used by sinusitis and allergy sufferers, is the nasal nebulizer. These machines are used to deliver cleansing and moisturizing solutions, as well as over-the-counter and prescription medications, to infected and blocked areas deep within the sinuses.

Nasal nebulizers work by turning liquid treatments and medications into tiny droplets that get past the front of the nose and stick to those deep, hard-to-reach areas in the back of the sinuses. These droplets deliver medicine directly to the afflicted areas, clear out dust and allergens, reduce inflammation, and break down thick crusty mucus — making it easier to gently blow out.

What Does A Nebulizer Do?

Most nebulizers work by forcing compressed air through a liquid solution and out through tiny holes, creating a mist (or aerosol spray) of tiny liquid droplets. However, there are now newer (less common) models that use different technologies, such as ultrasonic waves and vibrating mesh to create similar results.

Nebulizers are effective for delivering treatments and medications directly to an affected area, allowing for immediate and focused applications. In some cases, nasal nebulizers are useful for targeting and clearing out congestion and blockages in the nasal cavities, as well as cleansing and moisturizing inflamed and irritated areas.

  • Traditional nebulizers that focus on asthma and COPD treatments commonly use a compressor with tubing attached to a mask. Medication is inhaled through the nose and mouth and deposited throughout the respiratory system and into the lungs.
  • These days, there are compact portable nebulizers available, which are typically spring operated, that allow for more controlled delivery through the use of metered doses. These devices often come in the form of an inhaler and don’t require compressors, masks, or tubing to operate.
  • Nasal nebulizers use a small compressor to force air through a tube, into a cup containing a liquid solution, and out through a nozzle as a mist. The nozzle is placed inside the nostrils and the aerosol spray is delivered deep into the sinus cavities, where it cleanses, moisturizes, and/or medicates the affected areas.
What Is A NasoNeb Nasal Nebulizer

What Is A NasoNeb Nasal Nebulizer?

The NasoNeb nasal nebulizer (or The NasoNeb Sinus Therapy System) is a sinus nebulizer used to deliver nasal safe saline solutions and (over-the-counter and prescription) medications to the nasal and sinus cavities.

Powered by a small compressor, air is forced through tubing that is attached to a specially designed nebulizer cup and nozzle applicator. As the compressed air makes its way through the liquid solution, it creates an ultra-fine mist, providing deep effective delivery for gently depositing the solution to where it’s needed the most!

Inspired by Healthcare Professionals, ENTs, Allergists, and Pharmacists, The NasoNeb System is fast, simple to use, and easy to clean. And, because of its small size and lightweight, it’s a great portable nebulizer that can be used daily for effective relief of sinusitis and seasonal allergies.

Why Delivery Matters?

Unlike squeeze bottles that reach only the front of the nasal cavity, nasal nebulizers — like The NasoNeb System — deliver a high concentration of medication throughout the nasal and paranasal sinus cavities.

Filtered air from the device’s compressor mixes with moisturizers, medications, and saline solutions in the NasoNeb cup to create a large droplet spray. The large droplets ensure that the treatments and medications stay in the nasal cavity and out of the lungs. The airflow pushes the spray deep into the nasal cavity, past those structures that stop weaker nasal sprays delivered by typical spray bottles.

The NasoNeb's System delivers medication deeper for a superior deposition over other forms of irrigation, such as a neti pot, with significant improvement in symptoms and breathing. And, because of its immediate application to the affected areas, there’s less wait time, more concentration, and better results than orally ingested medications.

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