About NasoNeb®

About NasoNeb®

Helping people feel and breathe better

About Us

The NasoNeb® brand was launched with a single mission: to meet the unmet needs of sinus sufferers by developing superior drug delivery systems to help people feel and breathe better. Many nasal and sinus therapies stop short of delivering the results that patients and their doctors desire. And so, the NasoNeb® System was introduced in 2009 as a prescription-only controlled intranasal delivery system product. It was so effective that the company obtained approval for over-the-counter sales, making the NasoNeb® System available more broadly, without a prescription.

Making Lives Better since 2009

Daily Relief for Allergy, Asthma, Cold and Flu Symptoms.

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NasoNeb, Inc. 

Located in Plattsburgh, NY, USA, NasoNeb, Inc. is part of the Trudell Medical Group of companies, which share a common vision to provide patients throughout the world with medical devices and services that make their lives better. The Trudell Medical Group of companies manufactures and globally markets some of the leading brands in respiratory care, including the AeroChamber® brand of spacers, the Aerobika® brand of OPEP devices, and the AeroEclipse® brand of nebulizers.

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Our Mission

NasoNeb, Inc. ® is on a mission to help people breathe better globally. Our products support people in living their best life everyday whether they are looking to improve their general health, level-up their athletic performance or provide relief from allergies and sinus issues.


Helping People Breathe Better

Trudell Medical International

Working with patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers to help patients across the globe breathe better and live fuller lives.

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Global innovator of high quality medical devices for minimally invasive surgery and urology.

Provides the respiratory community in the USA with the finest, most researched, and innovative aerosol drug delivery devices to help people breathe easier.

Trudell Healthcare Solutions

A leading medical distribution partner in Canada providing exceptional value to the healthcare system through excellence in personal customer experience and strategic partnerships with innovative suppliers.

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The largest independent, Canadian – owned provider of home respiratory services.

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Develops and manufactures unique medical devices to meet the unmet needs of allergy and sinus sufferers with superior nasal solution delivery systems.