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From NasoNeb Nasal Sinus Therapy Users

"I did not know I wasn't breathing. I thought it was my age or hormones making me feel so tired, weak, non motivated, everything was difficult. I thought this must be normal for my age (56). Now using Nasoneb, I feel better than I have in years! I feel Happy now!" Debra » read more

"Since I've been using the NasoNeb Sinus Therapy System, I don't have to think about my breathing." Allan Watch Video Now.

"I'll take the two minutes that it takes to prep and apply the medication through the NasoNeb over having a month worth of pills that don't work". Jennifer Watch her video on Vimeo.

"Best hundred dollars I've ever spent: Before I review this wonderful instrument a bit of background I think is necessary. I have had three sinus procedures in the last four years. I had chronic sinusitis which deprived me of my sense of taste and smell. After each procedure I went on high-dose prednisone for a week or two and it was wonderful. But when I stopped the prednisone my taste disappeared also. Before I totally resigned myself to this state of affairs I decided to look online to see if there was another way other than irrigations to get that steroid up my nose. The nasal irrigation is with steroid did nothing. But to my incredible joy and satisfaction ending budesonide to the nasoneb gave me smell and taste three hours later. I got the machine five days ago and I almost can't believe that I have we gained 70% of my smell and taste now that the nebulizer blasts the steroid up my nose. I can't recommend this machine highly enough. For me it's darn close to being a lifesaver." B. from the NasoNeb Store » read more

"I have had the Nasal System for over 5 years. It is a miracle cure for my chronic sinusitis (which persisted despite 2 sinus surgeries). I use it twice daily with plain saline, and with steroids during peak allergy seasons." from Michael I. from Hillsborough, NJ » read more

"As a patient the NasoNeb Nasal System has been very helpful to me. It's a genius concept in how effective and easy it is to utilize. I highly recommend the NasoNeb to anyone with allergy or sinus issues." from Chad G. from Indianapolis, IN » read more

"Fortunately, one of my physicians prescribed one of your inhalation medications. As my current ENT did not use these meds, I obtained a referral to another ENT who immediately put me on your inhalation anti-fungal and an anti-biotic using the NasoNeb. Within 8 weeks my symptoms were gone! I could feel the changes in my body and knew I was well. Those around me were more skeptical but I knew. I have now "passed" 2 endoscopes in 4 months."

"I have had nasal and sinus problems for my entire life. (79 years old) I have used multiple antibiotics, nasal sprays, nebulizers, antihistamines, allergy therapy, decongestants and I have had five nasal/sinus surgeries. After three weeks on the Nasoneb with Mometasone I am 100% improved!"

Feel Better. Breathe Better® with NasoNeb.

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