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May 30, 2019

As part of our commitment to providing best-in-class clinical solutions, we are gathering feedback from physicians and sharing their perspectives on our NasoNeb blog. Our first featured physician is Dr. Steven Isenberg who celebrates 40 years in practice as an ENT (otolaryngologist) in July of this year.

Whole-Systems Care with Dr. Steven Isenberg

The practice of medicine has changed significantly since Dr. Steven Isenberg began his practice almost 40 years ago. He has seen the advent of new methods, like image-guided surgery that achieves greater precision, and new products like cochlear implants that significantly improve patient hearing. While patient relationships have changed over the years too, Dr. Isenberg counsels all new physicians to treasure and protect the doctor-patient relationship and focus on offering whole-systems care.

"I have met many wonderful patients and compassionate caregivers over the years, and have learned so much from them," said Dr. Isenberg. "They have helped me to understand how our profession provides quality of life for so many patients and their families." As part of his clinical team's commitment to care, they offer a comprehensive approach. Leveraging whole-systems care, the team can customize solutions and consider alternatives to invasive procedures. Over the years their team has been able to help patients reach their goals (and in some cases forego surgery) by using a multi-modal approach which may include recommendations like medical management, environmental control or over-the-counter (OTC) solutions.

With allergy care, for example, a good first step in that whole-systems evaluation is a conversation with a clinical expert. "If you're hunting the drug store for the next remedy," Dr. Isenberg states, "it may be time to talk to a clinician to discuss more of your options, as he or she may consider multiple factors within your personal situation. " A clinician may be able to evaluate such diverse factors as family history, physiology and current medications when diagnosing issues and suggesting treatment options.

"Nasal blockage can make you miserable and it can be fixed. Medical management with new medications and new delivery options can be very helpful," he states. "Nasal breathing is more than a luxury, it's very important for your overall health." And viewing health this way is very consistent with a whole-systems care approach. "When you listen to patients and their caregivers, you can uncover insights that data, or objective measurements alone, may miss. Reviewing all of the health factors can make for even better patient outcomes in the long run." And as many of Dr. Isenberg's long-term patients would likely tell you, that helps patients stay active and involved in their passions.

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